Why don’t more people use common law?

If a small percentage of people were skilled in common law, and practiced it regularly, what difference would it make locally, statewide, and across the 50 union states? It would be huge, and would likely bring back our free republic (vs the slavery and mob rule democracy) faster than anything the government will ever do.

The most powerful man in court is the man aggrieved. The reason for this is that the highest form of government is not a republican or democratic form of government; it is the system of self-government described in the book of Genesis. Any person that interferes with the self-governance of man is thus a terrorist.

The very nature of both the state and federal governments is that of sentinel: these governments are created for the purpose of securing and protecting the property of man.

The man aggrieved thus has the power and authority of the whole people to make a claim and to summons any wrongdoer that has caused the man harm …which means they injured the man’s property or caused the man to otherwise incur a loss (an arrest, seizure, threat of doing so, etc).

The man aggrieved has the ability to hold any man or woman, ACTing in the capacity of a government person, accountable for any and all harm, injury or loss caused by man or woman, ACTing as a government person. Even when the accused person aka the wrongdoer, is acting fully within the scope of their office as prescribed by either, the local government, the courts or the legislature.

Example: Nuremberg Trials – the courts held that “following orders” was no defense at all for causing a man harm or injuring a man’s property. Common law truly rules.

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