What is the difference between a person and a man?

What is the difference between a person and a man?

A man is created in the image of God: the almighty self existing creator of the universe. Man is endowed by his creator with certain unalienable rights such as life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and other property. To secure and protect man’s property, Governments (persons) are instituted among man.

The term person is a generic term and can mean an individual, partnership, joint-stock company, trust, estate, association, corporation, partnership, LLC, agency, company, municipality, organization or any other legal or commercial entity of any kind.

Governments are persons and a man or woman with an obligation to perform a specific duty according to the title they hold, within that government, is often called a natural person.

Some persons have titles which more obviously carry specific duties such as sheriff, doctor, magistrate, senator, county prosecutor, building inspector, town manager, etc…

Some persons have titles which do not so obviously carry specific duties or obligations such as teacher, employee, mother, father, student, participant, taxpayer, defendant, driver, citizen, fisherman, child etc …

Again, a man or woman ACTING in these roles is often referred to as a Natural Person.

A legal fiction is a presumption of fact assumed by a court for convenience, consistency, or to achieve justice. A corporation is a common legal fiction, regarded in many jurisdictions as a “person” who has many of the same legal rights and responsibilities as a natural person. ARE YOU TREATED AS A living man/woman, or a PERSON? It may depend on how you speak and act.

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