Understanding Your Trust

How understanding trusts and estates are the key to living free.

Here’s the essence of what someone posted that is worth consideration. I added considerable thoughts to it.

“I prefer not to operate in Commerce at all. That is for the trustee and I am not a trustee, I am ONLY the “Beneficiary of a Private trust/ estate” and can only act as authorized agent for the entity – I am not the entity itself. With that over-stood position, I have no worries of incorrectly identifying myself as “the name” the use to entrap us, not do I worry or have any of the difficulties that people run into when asserting that “I am not the name on the Birth certificate”. I would rather be known as Grantor for the name, or better yet, am only “agent” for that estate (the ALL CAPS NAME IS AN ESTATE TRUST). I act in a 3rd party capacity and fulfill a limited duty as the “registered agent” by forwarding on any presentments or charges on to the responsible party – the executive office of the Governor for settlement and satisfaction. This would apply to tickets, summons, etc.. Once you enter yourself as “Grantor (or Agent) For the Name” you indicate a Private trust exists, and enter the new (old) world of Equity. Just watch how things change in court.”

The way I over-stand it, is that I do the “granting” every time I cash a paycheck and they give me promises (FRNs) instead of real money.

You deposit your paycheck, which is REAL MONEY, to Federal Reserve bank, and they gave you PROMISSORY NOTES FRNs (debt instruments). So you GRANTED unto the JOHN DOE trust, since they kept the real money. They are holding it for you in trust. They can’t give you real money due to the U.S. bankruptcy of March 1933, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not the Grantor of that NAME trust.

Please understand that EVERY time you get paid with PROMISSORY NOTES, such as FRNs, there IS A new mini TRUST formed at that moment, as you HAVE NOT received a full payment. Funds are being held or exchanged in an account. “in trust”. If you got paid with silver or GOLD MONEY, then you would receive payment in FULL, and there would be NO TRUST necessary. So if you get paid with FRNs, which are not redeemable in any real, gold money, then you’re a GRANTOR/DONOR of that trust, and as such should have authority to instruct the trustee (Fed Reserve or the U.S. corporation) to SETTLE any public debts that the JOHN DOE trust has or develops. That’s how A4V works in theory, but that rarely works alone, because some status paperwork and operation understanding are needed first, to rebut their presumption that you are making false claims to “the name” vs. operating properly as agent or executor of that estate officially and with competence.

Remember, SOMEONE else gets the REAL GOLD money that you earned by your labor, so they must give you something in return. Since it is not you, it’s the person(s) who gives you paper “money”, which is the Federal Reserve and U.S. corporation. The Fed Reserve and U.S. Corporation who are the TRUSTEES of the trust, of which you’re a grantor. You are also the beneficiary (the one who received benefits) unless you give that position away, as people easily do. This also made clear by the courts, as they have ruled that FRNs are OBLIGATIONS of United States, which mean there is a trust formed to serve that obligation. The courts don’t spell it out in language average people can comprehend easily, but it means that U.S. corporation is the TRUSTEE for the trust involving FRNs, and as they won’t redeem those in gold money.

You are the grantor with power of appointment, and can order settlement public charges as your remedy to public debts or “charges”, until such time when they DO redeem FRNs in gold money. This is also how your birth estate functions; aka ALL CAPS NAME estate.

So it would appear that you the living man (John-Henry: Doe) are the GRANTOR of the trust/ estate, while your strawman (JOHN HENRY DOE) is the trust/estate name. You the living man (John-Henry: Doe) are also beneficiary of the trust, thus receiving benefits from it. All public accounts and contracts are in the ALL CAPS TRUST NAME, and not in the real man Name. Fictional entities (corporations, trusts, persons, etc) can only interact with other like entities. A man is living, not an entity, thus trusts are needed to interact in commerce. Only U.S. “person” / U.S. citizen (entities/ trusts/ estates) are liable for the U.S. “national” corporate debt, so the person entity is a DEBTOR and a TRUSTEE (not good), when he admits to be the NAME. When you say “I am JOEHN HENRY DOE” you just dropped your living status and position and took on liability as trustee and surety to pay the “charge”. STOP DOING THAT!

This is why it’s important to NOT to admit BEING the strawman/NAME with a social Security Number (estate tax I.D. number). Only assert being in the capacity as a man/agent /grantor/ or executor if you understand what you are saying. Know what hat you are wearing and identify that position on all documents and conversations.

If you assume the NAME and say it is yours, you assume liability as trustee (you just got handed the hot potatoes voluntarily (ie; 13 & 14th amendment). It is that simple. The grantor funds the trust, that’s it. Further, the Social Security Account/trust also identifies the existence of U.S. person (entity)/ “U.S. citizen who is also a taxpayer. But that is NOT YOU, it is a trust, and YOU are not one and the same!

Therefore, when you declare yourself a Grantor/ Agent/ Executor / Beneficiary/ Heir of the JOHN HENRY DOE trust/estate – you should create and show some proof of that status. This is essential to help you maintain your position and allow others to see the official capacity you are acting in. Once you do this, then you enter the real man world of EQUITY, which is on the PRIVATE side. Once you have established this, we should be able to access our Birth trust and order the public entity holding the corporate estates (ie Secretary of State and Governor private side), to settle/setoff any public charges against the STRAWMAN public entity. The “signature authority” as the living man who gives all of this it’s energy. That piece pf paper/bill/ charge they hand you need to be paid within 3 ways with credit. Credit is the only real money TO THEM (which is credit in their credit based system). So sign away on their instrument appropriately to execute the credit to pay the bill. They already hold assets/credits in the estate accounts to pay anything, they just need a real man to sign to release the credit funds.

A grantor makes the rules of the trust, so he can instruct the trustee to SETTLE (pay) all the trust’s liabilities in the form of credit that was created. Therefore, being a Grantor or Donor is likely your authority to APPOINT a judge, governor of a stats (over the courts), or IRS commissioner as trustee. The trustee’s job is to execute payment of credit, so that he can SETTLE the charges against the strawman/birth trust estate (not YOU). Sometimes that appointment can be done using Form 56, appointing the commissioner or secretary of Treasury as fiduciary.

How it was all structured in the Bible for us

The organic Constitution of the USA is a PUBLIC trust, and all American (State) Citizen Nationals are its beneficiaries. However, “Federal U.S. corporate member citizens can’t claim that beneficiary status, because they slip into positions of liability because they sold their birthright for a benefit (as in the bible) when they claim to be 14th amendment U.S. citizens under the yoke of the newer post-civil war Corporate U.S. Constitution, which clouded access to our rightful positions as living beneficiaries, if we don’t know what we are doing.

Then we suffer because of our own ignorance (we perish for our lack of knowledge). We don’t know who we are… we are a man not an entity, so stop answering to that ALL CAPS NAME. We become among the dead (fictional entities), for our lack of knowledge. The Bible told all about it. But today bible teachers and pastors merely talk about mystical feel good stuff they don’t even understand themselves. These so called “teachers of the law”, have no clue what is literally being taught by the Bible. All they teach is how to live in fear, and fail to teach their people what is really going on and how specifically and literally the bible is telling us how the legal or lawful systems works for us or against us…. In our courts, and “legal” system today. God gave Peter keys to the kingdom (a position of trustee), and we are beneficiaries (who receive the benefits), if we don’t blow it. Consider who controls the media, churches by license, schools, government, corporations, all working to instill fear in us to voluntarily comply out of fear. Once you see this and you will see how it all works. Most people unknowingly are in The Matrix ( the most truthful movie of all time ).

Perhaps it was better said by a Adolf Hitler (paraphrasing) “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” What do you believe is really going on here? Consider the possibility that Revelations began a long time ago, so when are we going to come out of it? Perhaps when we choose to wake up out of The Matrix and “disconnect” ourselves from the yoke of slavery we didn’t even realize exists?

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