Lentzism The Basics

Lentzism The Basics

Any Corporation or Government Department coming after you is a piece of paper.

It is a complaint. An offer to contract.

I am a man.

I am not a member of the legal society I don.t speak legalese.

I am an idiot in legalese.

Is there a man/woman making a claim against I?

Will that man/woman come forth in Open Court to verify a claim under Oath or Affirmation?

I will compensate any man/woman I have caused harm.

An Attorney cannot make a claim only a man can make a claim.

All done in writing say nothing in Court except refer to my paperwork.

No man/woman will ever appear. The Plaintiff must appear.

Man has a right to face his accuser.

Corporations have no rights, only duties, obligations and responsibilities.

I require the case dismissed. Only require never request.

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