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I’ve found some email replies from Karl Lentz an authority in Common Law.  I’ve been doing something similar since 1998 and can tell you what Karl states is correct. If you wish to use the method you need to learn the process fully and make a life style change. It is not for the faint hearted!

Email questions answered by Karl Lentz on his mail list.

Karl: NEVER, say anything in COURTROOMS, just say to the black robed one…. did U not get the documents i tendered to court 14 days ago? Put it All in Writing,,,,,never NOVATE….. Google THAT word !!!

Q: I have a case in the federal court and was indicted. They assigned a pretender to the case and I stated that I did not want an attorney. I fought and fought. I also challenged the indictment and demand the charges be dismissed. They also sent me for several mental evaluations. At some point they sent me to Carswell in Texas for a mental evaluation for 30 days. I was released from Carswell and took a personal flight home. I finally got rid of the pretender and I submitted a Declinatory Plea and then the Judge made me get another attorney or he was going to send me back to the mental hospital. My last document was a libel of review. I have not heard nothing as of this point.


MY ANSWER, and it is Always my same ol’ idiot lawful opinion,


For i not only do not speak legalese, NOR do i speak in: Chinese, Cantonese, Vietnamese…!

Karl says:

i am sure U have HEARD that at ANYTIME, u can demand to challenge JURISDICTION?

Two simple things to say… are what?

i say it like a Broken record

You do not speak at an arraignment. I ask for paper and pencil, judge can throw the book at you. So i don’t say anything to the man in the black robe. I don’t even recognize that he exists.

I write at the top


  1. Is there any man making a claim before this court?
  2. Is there a verified claim before this court?
  3. Can this claim be verified in this court at this time?
  4. Is there the [wo]man , here to verify it?

They have to answer you. They have to say yes there is a claim before the court.

That’s why you always move under the common law. They pick you up under code such and such how do you plead?

Plead to what? That drivel? I don’t even know what you just said. Well let me tell you what it means. No no no no no. i didn’t write that code i can’t be held… i didn’t write that contract. I don’t know what you’re reading. I don’t know how you’re interpreting. That’s not my words those are your words. Don’t tell me what they mean


99% of the time their answer will be…… NO!

So act in Honor and say…….

i will be more than glad to return to this court at anytime

once a [wo]man has appeared with a verified claim and

 is willing to affirm it under oath

Until then i move to dismiss this case WITHOUT prejudice, and will be more then glad to compensate the harmed party, once they make their presence and claim known to me.


“i, a man, James, do not believe i have done anything wrong. If there is any man here who claims i have done him wrong? If so, i require that he bring his claim and evidence of wrongdoing before me so that i can make restitution. If there is no man here who claims i have done wrong, i require that this matter be discharged.”

People this is the same answer i have been saying and sending out for EVER……………

People, this is the TYPICAL CRAZY LETTER i get EVERYDAY by the HUNDREDS!!!

Q: I have been ordered to show cause why I failed to appear for an summons on DEC. 11TH. Can you help with that? I am attaching my response to the summons letters. This all goes back a few years when I was in Africa, they sent several certified letters. When I returned and responded, they said it was too late to contest their decision and denied my request for a hearing.

Karl: My cut-copy-paste ANSWER

Is there a man named IRS? (kind of Odd name) or is this a Mr. or a Miss, ms. or Mrs. IRS?

last name first? first name Last?

i think, now i maybe wrong, but i believe only a man has the right to say U have done him a wrong…

Hey, but what do i know?

Seriously ! Are U for real! Did U really do someone named IRS a wrong?

if U say U did this ‘IRS’ wrong, tell him or her Your sorry, tell them how can U make it up to them, and tell them U will try Ur best not to do it again…

For i have NO idea of any man, or woman i have known in my life Named in such a manner as irs, or Irs, or IRS or iRS, or any other spelling of the word,

for Only man can claim another man has done him a wrong,


if U want to BELIEVE, u can hurt something Other than [wo]man then g0dspeed to U sir with your [CRAZY] beliefs,

i can NOT help U, if U Do not KNOW how U Stand [status] in the Public venue, i suggest U stay at home….

Again i am using this MASS EMAIL to MASSIVELY explain that i do NOT , have the desire to explain something that Your parents shoulda TOLD You [like mine did] by the age of TWO!



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