“Legalese” is the language of the Legal (so-called) ‘profession’. The language of Statutes, Solicitors, Lawyers, Notaries and Judges, etc. (And the Police – although they generally do not realise it).

It looks like English, so no-one complains.

But it isn’t English. It is an English Look-alike.

It can only be called an English Look-alike because it EXPANDS the definitions of English words – giving them extra meanings. Meanings that these words do not have in normal parlance, and normal understanding.

Thus it is a deception. It is a deception that only those who compile Statutes (and vote for them i.e. Parliamentarians), and SOME OF those who implement those Statutes (namely Solicitors, Lawyers, Notaries and Judges) comprehend. Or maybe they don’t comprehend. Maybe, on a day-to-day basis – after studying so-called Statute Law for years – they have lost the power to comprehend?

Others who are a part of the implementation process (namely the Police) DO NOT GENERALLY comprehend this aspect, and proceed as if the language of Statutes IS English. (The question is: Whether or not these ‘ground troops’ would act in the cavalier manner they do – if they DID comprehend what they were doing? That question remains unanswered at the time of writing this essay).

Nevertheless, the plain FACT is that Legalese (i.e. anything so-called “legal”) is a DECEPTION and a FRAUD.

And it is also TOTALLY ABSURD.

A couple of major examples are the fact that a Partnership of any kind is defined (in Legalese) as “a person”. Which is totally absurd. “A person” (a Human) has a Mind (and can thus make a decision), and limbs that can grasp a pen (and thus make a signature mark). Any Partnership must make a collective decision, and task a Human (Authorised Representative) to make a signature mark.

The two are not equivalent in any way, shape, or form.

Another ‘expansion’ is the wordunderstand” which – in Legalese – also means “stand under” … specifically “Stand under Legalese”. In other words to give ‘authority’ to the Legal so-called ‘profession’ and/or Statute.

The answer “Yes” to the question “Do you understand” means (in Legalese) acceptance that a Legal Charge or Legal Demand is valid.

The appropriate answer to “Do you understand?” is (obviously) “No – I do not stand under”. (A Policeman – who hasn’t the faintest idea what he or she has actually asked, will usually respond “What do you mean?” The response to that is “What do YOU mean?” And so on. Take them round in the circles they deserve to be taken in. If they wish to remain in ignorance – let them).

Legalese is absurd, and does not compute with FACT. It only computes with FICTION. Thus, by using plain English, and pure Common Sense, together with undeniable reason, logic and honesty, it is possible to tie anyone “Legal” up in knots.

One of the major aspects of the Legal Fiction is the use of Names. As far as the Legal World is concerned, a Human Being is the same as his or her Name. Which, of course, is totally ridiculous. A Human Being is flesh & blood, whereas a Name is only a sound in the air, marks on a piece of paper, bits in a computer database … or pixels on a computer screen. (It is also paint on the side of a ship, or paint on a House Name sign, etc.). A Deed Poll can DETACH one Name, and ATTACH another, meanwhile the Human flesh & blood is still exactly the same.

Names are nothing more than something ATTACHED to a Human Being … a Name is NOT THAT Human Being. A Name is what a Human Being responds to, when its attention is sought. Which is why we (in the Freeman World) say “It is what we are commonly called”. But nothing more. It has no more significance than that.

There is not much point in worrying about anything “Legal”. It is absurd. The thing to do is just to reject it for cause. (The ‘cause’ being its absurdity)

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