Karl Lentz IRS Advice

People, this is the TYPICAL CRAZY LETTER i get EVERYDAY by the HUNDREDS!!!

Q: I have been ordered to show cause why I failed to appear for an summons on DEC. 11TH. Can you help with that? I am attaching my response to the summons letters. This all goes back a few years when I was in Africa, they sent several certified letters. When I returned and responded, they said it was too late to contest their decision and denied my request for a hearing.

Karl: My cut-copy-paste ANSWER

Is there a man named IRS? (kind of Odd name) or is this a Mr. or a Miss, ms. or Mrs. IRS?

last name first? first name Last?

i think, now i maybe wrong, but i believe only a man has the right to say U have done him a wrong…

Hey, but what do i know?

Seriously ! Are U for real! Did U really do someone named IRS a wrong?

if U say U did this ‘IRS’ wrong, tell him or her Your sorry, tell them how can U make it up to them, and tell them U will try Ur best not to do it again…

For i have NO idea of any man, or woman i have known in my life Named in such a manner as irs, or Irs, or IRS or iRS, or any other spelling of the word,

for Only man can claim another man has done him a wrong,


if U want to BELIEVE, u can hurt something Other than [wo]man then g0dspeed to U sir with your [CRAZY] beliefs,

i can NOT help U, if U Do not KNOW how U Stand [status] in the Public venue, i suggest U stay at home….

Again i am using this MASS EMAIL to MASSIVELY explain that i do NOT , have the desire to explain something that Your parents shoulda TOLD You [like mine did] by the age of TWO!

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