Karl Lentz and Gordon Hall Call Transcript

Karl Lentz and Gordon Hall call

Hi, Mr. Hall, my name is Karl Lentz, I’m on Angela’s show sometimes.
Karl, how can I be of service? What question do you have?
Well you did me a great service last year, you showed me how to negotiate a lawsuit settlement, so that worked out really good.
We have some success with some direction there then?

Yes, sir, what you did was, I wanted 30 million and they were willing to give me 1 million, you said, that does not negate the fact that there is still a 29 million debt outstanding in my belief. So, that worked out good.

Did you collect a little more money?

Well I’m still going for all of it, but that was a great advice you gave me. Cause if you didn’t, if I modified my claim, I be committing fraud. So I was trying to figure out, how can I accept something less, and vary without committing fraud.

Okay then, what can I help you with tonight.

Well the other thing is you always use that Mathew 16, 17, 18, you say three times, three times you go to court, I guess you are trying to say.
In a sense yes, it’s Mathew 18 verse 15 which says go to your brother privately. So you do a three part administrative process with your brother. And if that don’t work, then you go take a witness, and you go to your brother, and if that don’t work, then you go to the church, I mean the court. So there you go.

And if that doesn’t work, what’s bad is you keep going down the 22 on Jesus,

Who said that wouldn’t work? There is no way that isn’t gonna work, my friend.

No, no I’m saying if you go down the number 22 there in Mathew, you just said that Jesus say that it’s a 7 times 70, so he wants you to go 490 times to try and work it out. He doesn’t ever want you to go to court, I’m saying. He said always try and settle with your brother. But that is not what I’m calling about.

I think that’s pretty good except you know what? Simply have an agreement with our brother, we are not suing him or anything. We are just wanting to get a public judgment that says, hey this old judgment holds.

What I don’t really like is for people, I’m willing, like I think your trying to say take a guilty plea? As long as there is no jail time, and all this other stuff, is that what you’re saying?
Let me tell you what I was saying earlier, let’s say you were indicted my friend, right?

On what?

We did some paper work, what does the judge want from you, when you go into an arraignment? Does he not want to know, did you get the charges, do you understand the charges, and how you want to plead? Is that not true?

I’d start asking him, can I see the verified charges?
I didn’t ask you what you would do. I asked you if he wanted to see those things?

He would want to see it from the prosecutor, yes.

Answer me this my friend, is it not true at an arraignment, the judge wants to know if you got the charges, do you understand the charges, and how you want to plead, guilty or not guilty? Is that true or false?
I’d say what is the nature of the party whom this court seeks?
Ladies and Gentlemen this is the classic example what sets me off. I ask a question and he refuses to answer my question. He refuses to deal with my question. Now you understand ladies and gentlemen when some of you get to me I’m incensed, because they do it with all sorts of dumb silly things. My brother, please listen to my question, at an arraignment is it not true, the judge wants to know if you got the charges, do you understand the charges and how you want to plead?

Guilty or not guilty?

I would say your honor can I please see the verified claim?
Is that right or wrong? Yes or no. Don’t tell me what you would do, I didn’t ask you what you would do, I asked you simply, is that true or false? Answer it!
And you did not read my paperwork that I have before the court today did you sir?

There you go ladies and gentlemen, there you go, we got a guy here who will not listen, so that we can help him. Now you can see what goes on, isn’t this interesting? This the most interesting guy I’ve got tonight.

Answer the question.

I did submit my answer to the court, prior to the arraignment. Did you not get my paperwork yet or did you need me to rewrite it for the court? Because I would not speak in court orally, my words only come through in a written form. It stays on the record.

Do you have a question for me?

For you personally, ya I was asking you, I said why would you want to plead guilty? Like lets say you live in a three strike thing like you go for life, the rest of your life in jail, like california, why would I want to give them an easy win, maybe I do mess up two more times in my life, like jay walk or shop lifting, that’s a felony, then I gotta give up the rest of my life. Why would I ever want to plead guilty to a felony charge?
Did you listen to what, I can tell you right now we are going to have trouble with this guy ladies and gentlemen because he don’t listen. Work with me here. I’m going to tell you, try to listen, do your very best, I don’t know that its gonna work, but you try hard. What does the word guilty mean?

Ah if it is coming from anybody other than another man, I don’t understand their legalese language. If it is another man claiming-
Let me ask you a question my brother, do I not promolgate when a judge wants to know guilty or not guilty, then he is just simply saying do you want to pay or not pay, is that not true, is that not what I said, yes or no?

I say to the judge where is the verified claimant, whose claiming that-
Cut this guy off, john he can’t even answer a question to save his life, or wasted every body’s time.

There is the question let’s say that you charged me pot or cocaine or embezzlement or anything, why can’t I just say where is the verified claimant who is prosecuting this case, why can’t I have the verified claim claimant come to the court, for my ?reading and inspection?

You can do that.
That’s all I ask.

So there is no need to plea until I actually see a verified claim.
You could also tell the judge, go fuck yourself, kiss my ass, or you can do those other things you said too, so I’m just telling you, you can do whatever you want in there. I didn’t say it was right.
Because the other way you can get a verified claimant to appear in court, some man would have to testify under oath or affirmation that it is true. An attorney-

My friend you do not understand, Karl, that they do, you in this society are guilty until proven innocent. It’s a military government.
But I’m not in their society.

Mr. Hall I’m supposed to argue when I go to court.

Let me just tell you the word argue, if you want to look at the word argue, it actually means- all argue means in Latin is to make clear, to make known, to prove, or to declare, or to demonstrate. I am just trying to make clear, it just means to shine, to bring light, to be white, to be clear, that’s argue. To argue is not the same as argument. To argument means to get into a dispute. To argue means to make something clear.

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