Ecclesiastical Deed Poll

Ecclesiastical Deed Poll

Per Curiam Divina

We, the Divine Immortal Spirit, expressed in Trust, to the Living Flesh known as [Name] of the Clann [Surname], hereby give life and personality to this sacred irrevocable deed through Our seal in blood and agreement to the conveyance and terms pronounced herein:

1. While We have expressed in Trust Our real property and while no consent has been given, nor protest otherwise made that such conveyance is unlawful, We bring attention to Our Mistake of fact by failing to give proper notice of our competent living status; and

2. As our actions and this instrument make Our status clear, any temporary testamentary trust, cestuique vie or derivative thereof formed upon such errors of presumption as Our abandonment, loss, death or incompetence must be immediately dissolved, including a full account provided to Us without delay; and

3. To ensure no further mistakes are made by any party, we give further notice that all acts in commerceor law We engage as surety of Our Trust [Name] Clann [Surname], and kindly ask you to update your records; and

4. Furthermore, We gratefully decline any offer of coercive or punitive Benefits from any and all Estates which you and your colleagues administer. As a result, any charges sent to us by mistake will beduly returned to you for discharge in accordance with the law; and

5. As We have given proper notice that We have ceased any further injury, you acknowledge that no further demands, debts or actions shall be issued against Us in claiming injury as surety to the property you administer; and

6. Receipt of this Deed Poll is your acknowledgement and acceptance.

[Thumb print in blood]

[Name, Position Address and details of Roman Officer who issued summons/demand]

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