Court Summons – What To Do

What I would do if you are ever Summoned to a so-called Magistrates or County Court (aka “Star Chamber”)

 Please note I do not give legal advice nor recommend you do as stated here. It is up to the reader to do their own investigation and excercise due dilligence before proceeding. You must know what you are doing and why you are doing it! Otherwise you will fail.

Here’s what they are doing:

  1. They send an ‘invitation’ – called ‘a Summons’ – to a dwelling. Only a man or woman is capable of interpreting the document (a cat can’t … a dog can’t … a chair can’t … and so on)
  2. The man or woman makes the effort to go to the place defined (the Star Chamber), at the time/date defined.
  3. Upon arrival, the Bench ‘can’t see’, and ‘can’t hear’, the man or woman … the Bench can only ‘see’ and ‘hear’ a Legal Fiction … such as when the man or woman consents to accept responsibility for the Legal Fiction (i.e. the “Name”). [They have admitted – multiple times –  that they “Can only act against a Name”. They cannot, for example, act against “Persons unknown”].
  4. But ‘a Name’ is not the man or woman. By many means a Name can be detached from a man or woman, and a different Name attached e.g. Deed Poll, or simply ‘by social agreement, during social intercourse … whereby nicknames are attached, etc’.

It would be a very good idea if this were to be pointed out to them at every occasion, including the ABSURDITY of their position in this respect.

I have the experience of standing next to a man, in a Star Chamber, and heard the Judge say he was going to issue a Warrant for the Arrest of the man I was standing next to. JUST HOW ABSURD WAS THAT???

When, after any exchange between the Bench and the man or woman, and said man or woman refuses to “make a plea”, they will say that they will unilaterally enter a plea of “not guilty”. At this point DEMAND that they prove “Power of Attorney” to do such a thing, pointing out that if they cannot PROVE Power of Attorney, then THEY are taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY for that plea. (At the time of writing, this causes multiple ‘adjournments’. They simply don’t know what to do. Quite how they will find a way around this I do not know – at the time of writing).

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