Be A Citizen When You Need To Be

A living being CANNOT be a US Citizen, it is an impossibility.

So stop responding as if you are. THAT is the key to all of this.

STOP responding to a presumed title which assumes you are dead, and printed on a piece of paper. Get it? It is not that complicated except for the wiring in your brain, and the result if indoctrination that becoming a piece of paper real.

Simply say: “by what authority to you have to call me that NAME?”
“I am not a pice of paper, that’s ridiculous”

Always be the one asking questions (as the king), STOP answering anything.

Watch “The Matrix” again, and again. Try “Interstellar” as well. There is sovereign godly like greatness in all of you.

Actually being a fiction (persons, US citizen) is an impossibility. They laugh at you when you claim to “being a dead thing”. So stop agreeing that your are one, that it the most important step. You are insane and incompetent if you believe that.

You need an attorney in that case (this is why they push one on those who are incompetent to manage their own estates).

The only way to win is to not play! (movie: War Games”). It is that easy, even after trouble starts, but you better be ready to grow up and listen to common sense for once.

Kick you heels together Dorothy, anytime you wish, and get the hell out of Oz.

THEN, it doesn’t matter what the case is or suit is. That color or law “statute” (as the color world Oz), is never the issue. It is the “Charge” they are trying to turn into a money making “bond”, that’s all. They want your confession and signature to create bonds, nothing more (when yousay you ARe the name, and you UNDERSTAND, you are done. If you are incompetent enough to admit to “being” the name, they will administer and sign for you as a power of “attorney”, while your body, labor, back their fiction money bonds they all get rich from.

Ready to get out of the Matrix?

US Citizen/Resident : one who enjoys previledges but does not have alligiance to protect this nation since he owes owes an allegiance to other sovereign nation like Russia, China, England, etc and not to the United States of America ‘sovereign’ by born or naturalized (this process to bound the allegiance to the sovereign The United States of America to sworn to protect this nation and no other). See 8 USC 1101(a)(22).

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