‘Authority’ Must Be EXTENDED


We are familiar with those who consider they are “the Authority”, “in Authority”, or work for “the Authorities”, etc. What tends to be forgotten is that, by its nature, and by its very definition, ‘authority’ must be EXTENDED in order for it to have any effect.

It must be GIVEN. It CANNOT be just ‘taken’ or ‘assumed’ because that is not what it is. (‘Authority’ taken via the barrel of a gun’ is a CRIME of TRESPASS against the SOVEREIGNTY of an individual).

For the simple reason that a Human operates by free will. In order to operate in accordance with ‘directives’ from some ‘authority’ (i.e. ‘someone else’), then the Human’s free will MUST be accepting the will of that someone else. This can only occur if the Human decides to accept the will of someone else.

Accepting and abiding by the will of someone else is the same as saying that the Human EXTENDS AUTHORITY to that someone else.

But, if a Human has free will, then that Human does not need to extend authority to anyone else.

And, if a Human does not have free will, then that Human is a robot. (And, therefore, is not Human after all).

What has happened is the attitude of “safety in numbers” has become ingrained into the public psyche. As in “If I do what everyone else does, then I won’t be picked upon … they’ll leave me alone”.

Which works fine … up to a point. It works fine until they start picking on you … even though you’ve only ever “done what everyone else does”.

And they start picking on you … and everyone else … because you have extended them the authority to do so … you gave them an inch and (by their very natures) they took a mile.

And that’s the risk that is ALWAYS run when a Human EXTENDS authority to any other Human.

Taking that mile is done very slowly & very carefully. (David Icke calls it “The Totalitarian Tiptoe”).

When someone, assuming ‘authority’, may create some kind of Order, it is important to remember that they have no authority over you, unless you extend it to them. One way to establish this is to realise that ‘the servicing of Orders’ is chargeable. And that you can set the rate to charge.

In case you don’t ‘get it’ … ‘They’ are CONTINUALLY Arbitrating WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT, applying STATUTORY OBLIGATIONS on you, when you have not agreed or promised to be bound by them, and expecting you to SERVICE their ORDERS for free … when no business supplies its major products for free. If they want to consider you to be a Legal Fiction ‘Person’ i.e. a SMALL CORPORATION, then they should expect a bill from that CORPORATION for servicing any Orders they issue. Like all other businesses. No? I think: “Yes”. If a Court orders stationery, it expects to pay the Suppliers, doesn’t it? And who sets the amount to charge? The SUPPLIER sets the amount … and the Court Staff shop around for the cheapest. That’s normal business practice. Anything else is either: Blackmail, Extortion, Racketeering, or just plain ole theft … or whatever you want call it.

And, in my humble opinion at least, we’ve all stood for this FRAUD and DECEPTION for quite long enough.

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