4 Legs of a Competent Court

4 Legs of a competent court or superior court

One of the things about the Law business, the legal industry, is some of the most important things about the law are actually SO SIMPLE and are easy to overlook. There is ONLY 4 VERY simple truths, which empower YOU to win.

1st great secret:

Where does the court get its jurisdiction? We have a 2-tiered court system, consisting of: There are Supreme courts and their tribunals. Superior courts get THEIR jurisdiction because of whom they are. There are also courts in an Inferior Jurisdiction. Where do these get their authority in an inferior jurisdiction? The courts in an inferior jurisdiction are empowered to act by pleadings sufficient to invoke their judicial authority. Prosecuting counsels testify as if THEY are the injured party and they don’t get to testify because they ARE NOT the injured party. They have to SHUT UP because they are NOT the injured party.

Which means that the people, NOT THE ADVOCATES, empower the person in a black robe to be a judge? Don’t allow THIS to occur, if you are ever in an Inferior Court.

Do NOT answer the Court orally it will be an unlawfulAdministrative Court” a paper entity, they cannot hear you orally. Take paper and pen with you and answer in writing ONLY! Make no direct reply just ask questions in writing.

In other words, an injured party must make a claim as a man. Do NOT plead there is no case!

2nd great secret is:

Constitution, state constitutions, statutes, laws, rules, really doesn’t mean a thing In Law to it, in their black and white print, but only hint or make suggestion as to what the law is. We have to find out what the Higher Court has said about The Law. Where do we find the Common Law?


We find the Common Law in the UK Annotated Statutes. If you can read these UK Annotated Statutes, then you can find out where and what The Law is. Shhhh! This is a secret! (Actually, you CAN read the Bible to find these, too.)

Simple Method: Just be a man or woman and use “The Common Law Of Man” the law common to your community. You are NOT a person, legal person, defendant or corporation. Just a self governing man or woman. You exercise your right to act as such in Court. You are NOT a defendant just a claimant. They are making a false claim against you.

3rd Secret is:

Advocates testify like they are the injured party. And they ARE NOT the injured party. They don’t get to testify, because THEY are not the one injured. But they do it ALL the time, because no one puts them in their place. “Statements of counsel, in brief or in argument are not sufficient for summary judgment.

Statements of counsel, in their briefs or their arguments are not sufficient for a motion to dismiss or for summary judgment.”

Memorize this; get a tattoo that says this. THIS IS THE MOST POWERFUL THING YOU CAN EVER USE. When an advocate reads from their paper any allegation, Stand up and state “ I object,

Is the Plaintiff here? If not you have no standing what you say is hearsay not proof of anything. The Plaintiff must appear no Plaintiff no case.

“Statements of counsel, in their briefs or their arguments are not sufficient for a motion to dismiss or for summary judgment.”

4th Secret is:

The 4th thing that we’re usually missing is, a Competent Witness. This is the 4th leg in the courtroom. Third party independent witness required under oath or affirmation.

You MUST have somebody, at some point in time, before the judgment, raise their hand and testify, in the court room, under oath, and subject to cross examination or it’s NONSENSE. If the other side supports their pleadings with an affidavit, then you require them and question them under oath.  Affidavit worthless unless verified with first hand knowledge. The Plaintiff must appear.

Important to remember:

Actual facts, not mere allegations of complaint are determinative of issue of jurisdiction. If there is no witness, there are no facts. It there are no facts, there is no jurisdiction. You MUST have a competent witness, to have that 4th leg on the table, or there is no jurisdiction.

Remember: Yes… as soon as the solicitor opens his mouth and tells the judge you owe such and such… that is when you say, “I OBJECT”, and then state he has no first hand knowledge to make that claim.

… That solicitor doesn’t have any idea who you owe, or how much… he is just a solicitor… reading from a paper… he has NO FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE. Unless you owe the solicitor some money.?.? He can’t collect zip… AND he can’t TESTIFY that you owe it either. SHUT THEM DOWN!!! IT IS EASY!!!!

Write this on paper and give it to the Court:

i am a man called Joe Blogs DOB: 12:12:96

i am here today to accept all claims,

Will any man/woman come forward in open Court and state that i as a man have caused harm injury or loss by my actions or inactions?

If not there is NO CASE! Say nothing!

The answer to any question is i have properly answered the Court in writing all you need to know is on the paperwork i have given the Court. Do as you wish! SAY NOTHING ELSE!


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